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The Ultimate Esplanade Challenge!

As an example of our original ideas we can offer to your guests a creatively engaging, emotional night full of adrenaline and packed with feel-good factor, perfect for your corporate social event that ticks all the boxes!

100+ Challengers
20+ Teams
10 Rounds
1 Ultimate Esplanade Winner

A dynamic, professional, interactive concept providing a stimulating, spontaneous evening in English. From small companies to large multinational institutions, the event is for everyone who loves a challenge and is ready to let go and have fun. Among the many benefits, The Ultimate Esplanade Challenge:
  • Encourages competitive rivalry
  • Breaks the ice and gets people engaging
  • Promotes team spirit and unity
  • Activates English language passive skills
  • Stimulates spontaneous fun and emotion
  • Gets the team out of the office
  • Provides a welcome alternative to regular post-conference options
This is far more than just a game. Far more than a karaoke night or disco. This is about becoming the hero you’ve always wanted to be!

Set in the glorious Emerald Ballroom or The Club, in your passionate team of 5, we’ll take you on a journey of no return testing trivia knowledge from
the 90s and worlds of movies and music. We’ll stretch your visual and memory skills to the limit. You’ll fight for points in the crazy “team-tasks” and test your taste-buds with tequila or a tomato juice? You’ll get whisked away with some “hula-hooping madness”, “bubble-blowing”, asking for help in the “phone-a-friend” round with unexpected surprises along the way!

Use these original ideas for your events

The event can be fully adapted to your specific requests, including company or business related rounds, an increase in number of participants and naturally incorporate food and beverage options - and any other special ideas you might have.

So, it’s game on! Take up the challenge of the year to become the office heroes everyone is gossiping about! A refreshing alternative for your conference social night!

Live life on the edge and rise up to The Ultimate Esplanade Challenge!

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