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Esplanade App

Esplanade App

Keeping up with the latest tech trends

The leader in technology trends on the domestic hotel scene ever since it launched the first hotel website in Croatia and introduced the country’s first hotel app, the Esplanade Hotel provides its guests with a simple overview of its offer, adding a whole new dimension to their hotel stay, through the Hoteza IPTV system and an integrated hotel app.

If you are planning a visit to the Esplanade, make sure to download the hotel app, available for Android and Apple devices – scroll through hotel news, stay updated on latest events and promotions, and access all necessary information about the hotel, amenities, our gourmet offer, and your destination. In addition, the app gives you an easy, visually attractive way to order food and drinks to your room with just a few taps on your tablet or smartphone.

Use the app to effortlessly order food and beverages to your room

Browse through the Room Service offer, brimming with tempting photos of our dishes, and taste the irresistible combinations of fresh local foodstuffs styled into tasty creations by Chef Ana Grgić. The delectable Caesar salad, Adriatic shrimp consommé, creamy risotto with porcini mushrooms and Pag Island cheese, Istrian fuži pasta with prawns, salmon with pea cream and lime, excellent club sandwich, juicy burgers, oven-baked Esplanade ‘štrukli’ – this is just part of the attractive Room Service offer.
Add to that a selection of carefully selected wines by Croatia’s first sommelier Ivan Šneler and imaginative, irresistible desserts by the Esplanade's pastry team, and our Room Service will turn your stay into a true gourmet delight in the intimate atmosphere and privacy of your room.

Moreover, the app enables easier communication with the hotel staff and facilitates service ordering, while Hoteza IPTV hotel system that compliments this app makes easier to browse through a variety of TV content. For example, to access your Netflix account, or more easily use the Screen Sharing app.

The system enables ordering and buying gifts, ordering wake-up calls, as well as booking a massage appointment or limousine service, all in order to enhance your experience while staying in the hotel.