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Summer is just beginning on Zagreb’s sunniest terrace

Summer is just beginning on Zagreb’s sunniest terrace

Zinfandel’s New Menu with Signature Dishes by Chef Ana Grgić Tomić Brings a Range of Exciting Sensations 

Poached lobster in vanilla butter with caramelised carrot in orange juice, spider crab with baby peas and fluid saffron gel, langoustine marinated with honey and citrus fruits in lemon grass and coconut soup, cucumber and mint granita with elderberry jelly, grape mousse and rose water panna cotta – a new, enticing rhapsody for your taste buds inspired by summer and Mediterranean flavours. 

An innovative approach, creativity, precision, fresh available ingredients, and emphasis on ingredients’ original taste are the features of Ana’s new menu offered from today at the Zinfandel’s Restaurant. 

Ana Grgić Tomić, the renowned chef de cuisine of Zagreb’s Esplanade Hotel, in her summer edition of the menu combines refreshing, carefully selected, fresh, and premium ingredients into fantastic courses that are more than a good reason to visit Zinfandel’s Restaurant and the iconic Oleander Terrace

‘I love summer, sunshine, warm starry nights in the city, the abundance of aromatic herbs, fresh fish, seafood, and the variety and wealth of available fruits and vegetables. Summer brings out a bit of everything, including inspiration. This menu is inspired by the Mediterranean. When creating the new collection, I paid a lot of attention to the selection of ingredients, precisely combining them into attractive, modern, and above all tasty meals. Special attention was given to sustainability and minimum processing of ingredients in order to preserve their authentic taste. Seafood, such as lobster, sea bass, spider crab, meagre, sole, sea urchins, and Mediterranean scallops come from long-proven suppliers, who are mostly our Adriatic fishermen. Adriatic scampi, for example, have for years been coming from the Velebit Channel. In my interpretation with coconut and lemon grass, they are simply divine. What makes me particularly happy is that the majority of the herbs that I use in food preparation originates from our small garden on the Oleander Terrace. My team and I carefully nurture the basil, thyme, mint, rosemary, lavender, and chilli peppers, and I believe that this gives our food a unique touch. We prepare flavoured oil with carrot, cilantro, and basil ourselves, as well as our special spiced sea salt with dried herbs. We also make homemade crackers, our in-house pasta, as well as foccacia, which we serve with homemade flavoured churned butter, which is foamy and very tasty, as well as premium organic olive oil Nai 3.3 from the island of Dugi Otok, awarded with numerous quality certificates. We support small producers who can keep up with us in terms of their quality and delivery. So, for example, the duck breast which I combined in this menu with caramelised chicory and Port wine syrup originates from the Orehovec family farm from Varaždin, the lamb that I prepare with leek and Likapotato tart and brown butter comes from the family farm Lika, while our goat cheese comes from the award-winning Grgić family farm OPG Ambient park, this time in combination with homemade noodles and aromatic summer truffles,’ said the Esplanade’s Executive Chef Ana Grgić Tomić
Ana has had a pleasant experience with the Grgić family farm OPG Ambient park: the prestigious Michelin recently filmed its famous series A Chef’s World in Zagreb in cooperation with the Tourist Board, which is broadcast on their channel and Instagram profile with more than 2.4 million followers. One episode was dedicated to the Esplanade Hotel, chef Ana Grgić Tomić, her culinary expression, the famous Esplanade štrukli and the Grgić family farm OPG Ambient park, their estate and the production of homemade goat cheese. ‘I was particularly honoured that they chose me and the Esplanade Hotel to represent Zagreb and a combination of modern and traditional gourmet offer. I had a wonderful day with the Michelin team. The ladies from Paris who work on shooting the series were delighted with what we offer and the way we present it. I believe that this is excellent promotion for Zagreb as a gourmet destination, on a global scale. Being part of that definitely means a lot,’ Ana added. 

‘Zinfandel’s Restaurant, its modern atmosphere and magical Oleander Terrace, with its view of the city, is a meeting spot and top culinary location to which guests are happy to return. Combined with Ana’s innovative courses and charming and professional staff, the restaurant has been an unmissable spot on the gastronomic map of the city for many years. To complement the experience, we choose our wines carefully and try to offer guests those labels that perfectly round off the fine dining experience; more often than not, these are wines made by local winemakers that stand out with their exceptional quality, taste, and aromas,’ said Stjepan Okun, Zinfandel’s maître d’. 

The à la carte offer is available every day for lunch and dinner from noon to 11 pm. Book your table by phone at 01 4566 644 or by email at [email protected]. The restaurant follows the prescribed epidemiological measures in all business segments and pays special attention to guests’ special diets, which is why dishes according to halal standards of preparation, vegetarian dishes, and those that should not contain gluten are specially marked. 


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About Executive Chef Ana Grgić Tomić 
This young but already experienced executive chef has been running Zinfandel’s Restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Croatia, as well as the charming French restaurant Le Bistro and Esplanade Catering, for more than nine years. Ana pursues the tradition of the Esplanade Hotel’s cuisine while following world-class culinary trends. Her creative and imaginative menus have impressed many guests and celebrities in the past years, as well as members of royal families, such as the Swedish king and queen, the Japanese prince and princess, the prince of Saudi Arabia, the royal couple from Denmark and many others who did not remain indifferent to Ana’s ingenuity in preparing dishes. Ana has received a number of accolades for her personality, excellence and style of cooking. Prestigious publications have nominated her for Woman of the Year and Person of the Year, and the renowned Guida Gallo guide included her risotto among the 101 best risottos in the world in 2013 and 2016. Ana’s style of preparing dishes and her personality led her to participate in the popular TV cooking programme Celebrity MasterChef as a jury member. In addition, Ana proudly bears the title of ambassador for the Fish Forward Project in Croatia within the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) initiative, setting an example for raising consumer awareness of the global environmental and social consequences of the consumption of fishery products. The Gault&Millau guide awarded Ana the title of Great Chef of Tomorrow, specially emphasising her respect for the seasonality and quality of ingredients, as well as consistent and carefully refined dishes. Her culinary virtuosity and creativity have been recognised by the gourmet association Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, which awarded Ana the prestigious title of Chef Rôtisseur. 


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Published: 13-08-2021